Business and Commercial Litigation

Kritzer Law Group counsels its clients on the value of taking time to evaluate their intended business arrangements and creating strong and comprehensive business agreements to avoid disputes and the need for litigation.  Our attorneys have decades of legal and business experience allowing us to serve our corporate clients in an ever-changing, complex business environment.  We work closely with other professionals including accountants, appraisers, and banking and insurance specialists to address all of our client’s needs and proactively address any potential problems and pitfalls.

No matter how comprehensive or well thought out each business arrangement may be, there are nevertheless times when litigation is necessary to resolve disputes or to prevent damage to our clients’ businesses by others. With that in mind, the attorneys at the Kritzer Law Group have the knowledge and experience to achieve the kind of winning results our clients’ have come to know and expect and are ever mindful of our client’s need to stay focused on their core businesses while at the same time having the peace of mind knowing that their litigation is being well-handled by their outstanding legal team.