Appellate Practice

Appellate work is a challenging but essential area of practice for firms engaging in litigation.  As seasoned appellate lawyers, the Kritzer Law Group is able to successfully identify the existence of appealable issues and also determine whether the cost of taking the appeal is outweighed by the benefit to be gained by our client.  The attorneys at Kritzer Law Group are well-versed in determining when to appeal an interlocutory order that might have a substantial impact upon the trial or potential settlement of our client’s case.  We have successfully handled appellate matters spanning virtually every area of our practice and have a working knowledge of the rules and deadlines of appellate practice in each department in New York as well as the New York Court of Appeals.  The attorneys at Kritzer Law Group have in-depth research, writing, and analytical skills as well as an understanding of substantive law that enables us to formulate sound, winning arguments, draft compelling appellate briefs, and handle the rigors of oral argument in front of the toughest appellate courts in the state.

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